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The corporation’s mission is to create opportunities and conditions for effective exploration of natural resources in liquid and solid phases on various continents of the globe.

The main goals of the corporation is to conduct regional and detailed exploration of minerals on land and on the shelf of countries using the innovative geophysical service Geodirect RSS/NMR.

The main achievement of the corporation is the development and practical implementation of the innovative Geodirect RSS/NMR direct earth sounding service.

The head office of the corporation is located in California, in one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the United States – in the city of SAN RAMON.

Many well-known companies such as AT&T, Chevron and other companies are headquartered here.

The corporate structure is vertically integrated.
This was achieved by combining three components into a single technological process – the implementation of an innovative geophysical service, the development of technology for the direct resonance method of exploration, as well as the set of business processes necessary for their practical implementation.

Work Experience

To date, more than 40 projects have been completed on the basis of the Geodirect RSS/NMR service in 20 countries on 5 continents:

Many projects are unique and have no analogues in the world. These include the Texas shale gas project, the Madagascar gold project, the Sultanate of Oman fresh water project, and many other hydrocarbon, mineral, and fresh water projects.
Unique projects to search for artesian waters, completed to depths of 950 meters, contributed to the fact that in 2019 the Geodirect RSS / NMR service was recognized as the best in Europe in the search for deep fresh water.